Saturday, 7 November 2015

How to install orangehrm on centos 6 an open human resource management solution

Orangehrm is an awesome Open Source HR Management System that is freely available at  or you can download from from Orangehrm official website You can follow the step by step installation and deployment for your companies used. I will show you how to install Orangehrm  CentOS.

At first we have to configure  apache, php, mysql support web server, we can follow this link

Web Server configuration on Centos 6.5
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install Apache2, PHP5 And MySQL Suppo

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install Apache2, PHP5 And MySQL Suppor

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Make sure your webserver, mysql are working properly.
Now go to orangehrm download directory

#cp /root/Download/ /var/www/html
#mkdir orangehrm
#unzip -d orangehrm
#chown -R apache:apache orangehrm 
#chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/orangehrm/lib/confs/

open your web brower type on your address bar http://your_ip/orangehrm

Click on Next
Click on I accept
Configure your database
In step 3 you will face two problem, those one is .htaccess allow another is mysql event scheduler
let's solve this problem

Click on this url ,htaccess allow access

Another is Mysql Event scheduler enable

In the [mysqld] section of the my.cnf, add this:

#vim /etc/my.cnf

and now click on recheck, now you can see all component status are ok, then click on next


Set your admin password and click next
Check details and click install, wait for a moment than....

Installation finish... Enjoy....

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