Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How to configure mikrotik auto backup and backup send to gmail..

Step 1: log in your mikrotik with winbox
Step 2: Click on tools> email

* Server ip is google smtp server ip
* Port  587 (TLS required)
* Tls yes
* from : your email address
* User : your email address
* Password : your email password

Just Finish email set up, Now we are going to configure a scheduler which is send mikrotik back up file to an email...

Step 3: Click on System > Scheduler > Click on "+"  sign

On Event:

/system backup save name=backupemail
/tool e-mail send file=backupemail.backup  to="amirrumee@gmail.com" body="Dear Sir,\n\n $[/system identity get name]  $[/system clock get date] \n\nThis is Mikrotik Schedule Backup.\nThis Backup will be generate after every three days.\n\n\nAmir Azam\nJunior System Admin.\n" subject="$[/system identity get name]  $[/system clock get time] $[/system clock get date] Backup"

just copy and pest on your scheduler on event box.

backupemail is your mikrotik backup file which is in file,

send file =backupemail.backup

Done! enjoy .....

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