Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to Recover Linux Root Password

If you forget your linux server or client machine root password. Don’t you worry about this! in this tutorial i will explain with steps how to recover linux root password and how you can reset it in simple way.
However, there are couple of methods to recover root password. So, lets go towards the easy and simple method I usually follow to recover my root user password in linux whenever I forget the password.

  • Save and close all your applications if you have opened already for safe data before reboot the machine.
  • Softly reboot your desktop client or server and wait for appearing a GRUB loader appearing.
  • When grub loader will be appeared, press “e” to edit into grub loader

  • Press arrow key and point to kernel line and then press “e” to edit into kernl

  • After that at the end of the kernel line and type single  or 1 or s after give single space as shown below in the screenshot. and press “Enter” now

  • Press “b” to boot after changes

  • Now you will get the root prompt without asking password

  • Reset the “root” password now.

  •                                                                            THE END

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